Eat more in order to lose more

30 Apr

We have all gone through several diet and exercise strategies in order to lose weight and fit into our most favorite dresses. But, it has never been that easy. Losing weight is a great ordeal and the delicious and junky food that we are surrounded by, forbids us from doing so perfectly. My mother had a huge over-weight issue to combat. She tried numerous diets on my recommendation by the 72 Kgs would only come down to 71 after weeks of strict routines. I understood that diets are surely not working and my mother needed to go on a special weight loss program which would actually work. While searching for such an effective solution, I came across Dukan diet, which I must say, is a surprisingly practical weight loss solution for women.

Things to know about Dukan diet

Dukan Diet almost trades with the principles of ‘eat loss to loss more’. In fact, it urges people to eat as much as they can, but the right foods. This is why my mother absolutely enjoyed all the four stages of weight loss in Dukan diet. She has to amply feed herself on lean protein, barring the fat and oil and cheese. They had to be cooked simply and yet she could have her favorite chicken, eggs and fish all the days of the week. There were no calorie measurements that had to be taken care of. My mother as allowed to eat lean protein in any amount she wished. My skepticism was answered when at the end of twelve days she lost 1.5 Kgs. It was an occasion to celebrate!

The later stages of the diet

Though the first stage, that is the attack stage concentrated mainly on lean meat, the cruise phase focused on eating 28 specific vegetables. Along with the daily dozens of lean meat, these vegetables were also to be added. But, no fruits can be eaten during this time. The significance of this stage is allowing the dieters to achieve their stable body weight gradually and yet not take a long time. Here one is expected to lose 1 kg per week. Thus, if according to Dukan diet weight plan, someone needs to lose 12 Kgs, then this stage has to be continued for 12 weeks. But, this phase also does not allow dieters to have starchy vegetables. Low fat protein sources can be eaten in any amount. The next stage that is the consolidation stage, allows people to have to unlimited quantities of vegetables and meat and along with that a single fruit which has very low sugar-content. One-two servings of starchy food are allowed and this diet will be the perfect one to be maintained for the rest of a dieter’s life. In the last stage, one has to follow a daily routine diet where the instructions of the above diets are included, but one has to take them in a proper amount and daily. This will ensure maintence of the stable-weight achieved in the long-run.

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Is losing weight really a tough job?

30 Apr

There can be nothing more blissful than losing weight easily and without much ordeal. But, it is also a far-fetched thought for many. Losing weight is not as easy as gaining it and a lot of people have a tough time putting such a plan into action. I looked like pumpkin during my college. I was frustrated, embarrassed and low on self-esteem. While purchasing a dress, I needed to think hundred times whether I would look fat in it, or not. Life is difficult for all, but for those who are obese or over-weight, it is a tad more difficult. I decided to get back into shape and look like my early teens. It wasn’t an easy mission, but Dukan diet surely made it all happen.
Keeping the fat cells under control

According to Dukan diet theory, the number of fat cells one is born with determines our capacity to lose weight. The more fat cells one is born with, the greater is her capacity to gain weight and at the quickest. The adipocytes which make up the adipose tissue get extended when we start living unhealthily or have unhealthy foods. When our lifestyle is that bad, the adipose tissues extend and gradually divide into two. Thus, these cells keep on dividing till you actually notice a marked difference in your physicality. Dukan diet helps us to get our lifestyle on the right track. This way the entire physical problem relating to obesity ceases.

The different stages

The only way to lose weight practically is to understand what is right for your body and what is not. I realized that eating less or going on crash diets actually do not help. It is important to understand that in order to lose more weight, it is important to eat more useful stuff. For this reason, the Dukan diet first introduces lean meat for a certain period and after than vegetables. It does not ask people to have them in any specific quantity. It is also important to drink a lot of fluids and most importantly water. I used to always carry a water bottle to college and kept drinking from it every 10 minutes. Water helps keep the metabolism going and helps in losing weight easily. Exercising is also important. I love going on a walk every morning. This habit of mine really helped me in losing weight considerably during this Dukan diet phase.

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How did I manage to go from obese to fit?

30 Apr

Depression has different effects on different people’s lives. I was suffering from a period of depression a few years earlier and it had impacted my health. I was feeding on chocolates and alcohol and soon I weight 84 kilos! It was shopping as I almost put on 15 kilos within 8 months! It was a very difficult phase and as far as my memory goes. I had to lose weight and get back to shape, as my bulging pounds would scare me as I would look into the mirror. I tried all the conventional tricks of dieting and exercising, but the process was just not motivating enough for me to lose weight easily. It was because of a friend that I got introduced to Dukan diet.

What is Dukan diet?

Dukan diet is a protein-based diet approach which takes care of the body’s nutrition needs. This diet was designed by a French dietician and physician. The diet has been designed very practically and requires a person to eat the right food and maintain a strict diet routine for a short period of time. I was surprised to know that this diet has been conceptualized from the idea of primitive men eating habits. I read an article on this diet and got to know that the diet includes 100 foods out of which 28 come from plants and the rest 72 comes solely from animals. Once a person balances this amount in his daily meals, he can have them in any quantity he chooses.

The four important stages of the diet

To know about the Dukan diet detail it is important to know about the various stages of the diet. I found it equally helpful as the garcinia cambogia reviews. Since, the aim of Dukan diet is not simply weight loss, but the maintenance of the lost weight in the long-run, its approach is very different from the other types of diets we see around. The four stages are the stack phase, the cruise phase, the consolidation phase and the last, the stabilization phase. In the first stage, that is the attack phase, focus is given on rapid loss of weight. People following this diet would be able to lose two to three Kgs within a maximum period of ten days! This is simply done by increasing the metabolic rate so that the calories can burn easily. During this phase, people on diet are only allowed to feed on lean protein. Here calorie counting is one thing one should not do. I was very happy because I good indulge on my chicken during this phase. But, they needed to be cooked with less oil and in a healthier way.

The protein has to be very low in fat as thus one is allowed to have as much beef, chicken, eggs, fish, soy and cottage cheese. I completely avoided meats which have added sugar in them. The later stages made way for veggies and by the time I reached the last stage, I was eating everything but in the right proportion. But, eating is not sufficient for maintaining a good body. A 20 minutes walk was included in my schedule as part of my routine. Some light weight exercises and cardio was enough to bring down by weight and make me look healthy. Thus, all I can say is that this weight loss routine has shown amazing results for me. The yacon syrup also reveals a lot about this diet and comparison are drawn by people who have tried both. I am today a lot more fit and fabulous and I would ask people to take this route too.

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